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By using my Wellbeing Flower tool we can explore 11 domains of your life and move towards a more rounded experience where aspects of your life are in balance. Where you accept yourself for who you are and for the richness of your existence. Wellbeing is a much wider notion than health - we don't all need great health to have a great life. By accepting yourself - flaws and all - you create freedom and limitless opportunities.

resilience building

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from adversity. It is being able to weather the storms and to come through as a survivor. We all have ups and downs in life. Some people manage them better than others and for some people the adverse events are deeper, more hard hitting than others. The key to getting through to the other side has very little to do with the actual experiences life throws at you and more to do with your beliefs about those experiences and in turn, your ability to find your way through. Once you start changing those beliefs you will see that things in your life can really change for the better.

holistic approach

Working holistically means that I look at the whole of your existence - with you - to support your wellbeing. WE can look at as much or as little as you dictate. YOU are always in the driving seat. Many people think that Wellbeing is just another name for Health but this is far from the case.

When we explore the 11 domains of the Wellbeing Flower we look at a much wider landscape than just your physical or mental health. The varying aspects of your life are inter-dependent and when some crumble, others follow. Similarly some areas my be strong and other areas can be built up to be in alignment. The result you want is to have a whole and fulfilling existence and I can help you create this.

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solution focus

In a Solution Focussed approach we dwell in the world of possibility. We ask the questions 'What if?' 'Could it be?' 'Why not? and we explore the barriers that might be present and stop you from being your best self. Using this approach, along with NLP, I can equip you with the tools to negotiate the doubts and fears and manage your own destiny. It's a very positive focus which helps you see what could be, rather than what can't.

Text me and book a 15 minute phone call to see if we click!  +44 (0) 7942 906 800

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