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Throughout August ...


This 3 weekly workshop programme, run on Sunday evenings, is for dads to learn how they can communicate better with their daughters about body image and eating. This is badly needed as girls as young as 5 are reporting body dissatisfaction!

Through discussion and learning, dads can improve what they say and do, to make a better connection and a brighter future for their girls. Low self esteem, poor body image and harmful eating habits are not something that should be blighting youth.


PLEASE CLICK HERE for more details

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An introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Many people have heard of NLP but don't know what it means. In this short talk I explain what NLP is and how it can be used to help you take action and move forward in your life.

Access to the talk is via the Events section of my Facebook page, Sheree Bell Coaching & Workshops.


Please CLICK HERE to gain access.

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