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Hello! I'm Sheree Bell, NLP Coach and Workshop Leader, and I have been working in the field of personal and community development for over 40 years. I have a wealth of experience to support you on your journey to transformation, healing & empowerment. If you are at a point in your life where you want to improve, where you need to let go and move on or where you feel lost, overwhelmed and out of balance - I can help you.

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Sheree, with her runner-up award for Folkestone Inspirational Woman of the Year 2020,

presented by Soroptomists International.

About Me

You'll find here, on this site, all you need to know about me and the programme of workshops and individual coaching sessions that I offer to help people become stronger, self-accepting and more able to bounce back from adversity. By working together within an NLP coaching framework I can journey with you to improve your self-acceptance and feel your true worth.

Some of the issues my clients have successfully worked on are:

  • Overcoming perfectionism

  • Elevating health and wellbeing

  • Coping with loss & transitions

  • Having a better relationship with food and eating

  • Tackling phobias and negative patterns

  • Understanding how values and beliefs support actions and behaviours 

  • Creating self respect, self acceptance and self nurturing practices

  • Developing resilience to adverse events

  • Overcoming self sabotage

  • Improving relationships

  • Setting realistic goals and achieving them

  • Preparing for family events, meetings, interviews and presentations

  • Building successful outcomes with medical practitioners

  • Challenging workplace discrimination

  • Improving self confidence and motivation


I'd love to hear from you

+44 (0)7942 906 800

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